When I worked with Alex he proved himself a pragmatic and results-focused member of the team. He exhibited a keen interest in every stage of the various complex projects in which he was involved, offering a unique perspective not limited to his role. Further to this he took ethical considerations seriously, which I admired.
Dave Seaton
Developer, Hallam
So excited to finally unleash the new Edays website – look at those colours pop! A special mention to our freelance partner Alex Walker for his hard work over the last few months developing this stunning new site from the ground up. Cleaner code, and it’s faster than ever!
Tom Whiley
Head of Demand Generation, Edays
I think Alex has been great with communication and problem solving. I’m not very savvy when it comes to coding, so I know that this requires patience working with me. I think he’s been great and very responsive. Love working with him.
I worked directly with Alex from when he joined the company. He’s a great example of a developer that can single-handedly take a brief and turn it round into working, launched software. He has a methodical approach towards development and is capable of both frontend and backend development, being able to work confidently within WordPress and Laravel.
Jon Martin
Technical Director, Hallam
Alex is one of the most organised developers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. As a designer, it was refreshing to see him always working as part of a team, keenly trying to work out challenges and solutions with a website even from its early stages. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex.
Alexandra Lofthouse
Senior Designer
I worked with Alex at Fifteen for over two years. He was enthusiastic and dedicated to his role and took pride in understanding the projects he worked on. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work, and takes the time to understand the tasks at hand. Alex was great to work alongside and took the time to explain how things may work to clients and colleagues.
Sophie Kish
Operations Manager, Fifteen
Excellent work. Alex was very responsive and easy to talk to. Thank you very much!
Guillaume Taurel
Did what we wanted and more. Enthusiastic with high quality work output.
Aaron Zaccardelli
Alex really had a very holistic thinking about complex development work he did for Mealtek and on other client work. He would spot problems with specifications he was given and propose better solutions and really take ownership of each project. He would spend careful time mapping out each development, including some very complex algorithm and data manipulation. Conversely, Alex was always extremely fast and accurate at doing basic front-end HTML work. I have not worked with anyone who could code up web pages as fast or as pixel-perfectly as Alex before.
Karl Brandt
CEO, Mealtek Ltd / Brandt Digital
I have worked with Alex for two years on the creation of our website. We started with the bare bones of an idea and a basic concept that Alex has developed and run with. Alex has gone from building a professional, informative website for Wonderland Memorabilia to adding on further facilities so that our customers can buy from us online. He has recently implemented a voucher redemption system. Alex has always addressed every request, query or idea immediately so that we do not miss a beat during our working day. He has also created our in-house booking systems, which have evolved over the past couple of years and provide a great platform for our bookings team to manage every single customer order. I highly recommend Alex; he has the visual sense, foresight, imagination and skill to truly understand his customers’ requirements and produce what is needed.
Sarah Bourne
Business Operations Manager, Wonderland Memorabilia Ltd
Alex is top shelf. I have had some horrid experiences with different providers on Upwork, but Alex is one of those who actually makes it work. Great communication, excellent value, expectations exceeded in the product, delivered in a tight timeframe. He even handed off the work with detailed instructions so I could understand how he developed everything. Alex KNOWS! He takes ownership of the project, making sure he solves all the problems involved. Great clean code and responsive interaction. Will definitely hire again. I would give ten stars if there were more to give!
Client on Upwork.com